Mountains that stand up

This map of the 48 contiguous US states features plan oblique relief, a terrain rendering technique that yields three-dimensional mountains. Higher elevations have vertical offset. The map also employs cross-blended hypsometric tints to represent elevation zones. They are the usual colors found on maps but with a major difference: arid lowlands are brown instead of green. We don't want to have Death Valley looking like a jungle, do we?

I originally made this map in 2007. The 2020 update has lighter and brighter colors, many more place name labels, and a new title. It is an alternative to my Physical Features of the Contiguous US map that offers land cover colors and a standard shaded relief treatment. I hope that you will enjoy both.

Tom Patterson

May 27, 2020

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Plan-oblique Relief Map of the US

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RGB JPEG image, 45 x 30", 350 DPI, 30.4 MB

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This map is in the public domain. You may use the map any way that you want and citing it is not required.




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I will periodically update the map. Please let me know about major features to include or any problems that you find.


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Version 2.0, May 27, 2020