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Ideas and Techniques about Relief Presentation on Maps


The goal of this site is to assist cartographers with the presentation of shaded relief, 3D panoramas, and related raster art on maps. I work as a cartographer for the US National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center.

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New and updated stuff!

May 7, 2016

Mountain Trivia Challenge

I gave this quiz at the 2016 ICA Mountain Cartography Workshop, Berchtesdgaden Alps, Germany. The two best teams at the workshop managed to score 16 out of 22 possible points. Can you can beat the mountain experts?

Manual Shaded Relief of the Contiguous US

The relief art also includes southern Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is available as a grayscale GeoTIFF (12,578 x 9,494 pixels), registers with Natural Earth 1:10 million vector data, and is in the Web Mercator projection.

Designing an Experimental Visitor Map of Grand Canyon's South Rim

View step-by-step slides about designing a map for the millions of people who visit the park for only four hours or less. Borrowing from transit maps, the new South Rim map employs variable scale and depicts roads diagrammatically.

World Political Map

A map of world countries that is in the public domain. You can download a PDF or an Adobe Illustrator map file with editable layers, including MAPublisher georeferencing. The map is available in your choice of three projections.

Gallery of US National Park Bird's-eye Views

Peruse an image gallery showcasing 3D oblique views of cultural, historical, and natural sites nationwide. The art represents some 35 years of work by NPS staff and contract illustrators, in both traditional and digital form.