Seafloor Map of Hawai‘i
Web browser map (4,300 x 3,146, JPEG image)
Metric version
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Printable wall map (8,600 x 6,292, JPEG image)
Metric version
English version

Map with no labels or legend (8,400 x 5,942, JPEG image)
Base map

For an article about the map, go to:
Mountains Unseen: Developing a Relief Map of the Hawaiian Seafloor
Version 1.4
June 20, 2014

Terms of Use

The Seafloor Map of Hawai‘i is in the public domain and free of copyright and use restrictions. You may use it any way you want, including commercially. The author accepts no responsibility for the map content and problems resulting from use of the map by third parties.

Please report any errors you find or additional undersea feature names that the map should show. I will release periodic updates. Version 1.4 map changes.

Tom Patterson