Developing a New Visitor Map of Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Tom Patterson
US National Park Service

Presented at: 5th International Cartographic Association, Mountain Cartography Workshop, Bohinj, Slovenia, March 30, 2006.


The making of a National Park Service (NPS) visitor map involves many people. This paper begins with a discussion of the NPS Publications Program, which provides the organizational framework and production processes for developing the Glacier Bay visitor brochure, of which the map is a part. Planning the content and preliminary design of the map occurred with input from staff at the park and by observing visitors using the map on board a cruise ship. The paper then looks at various mapping challenges, including shaded relief, landcover, glaciers, bathymetry, hydrography, and place names. Finally, the paper ties these strands together by discussing the design of the final brochure map and a second related map produced from it for display in the park visitor center.

Article (PDF, 714KB)
Wall map (JPEG, 1.2MB)
Brochure map (JPEG, 1.9MB)
The maps above are scheduled for publication in February, 2007.

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