Kīlauea DEM

Version 1.0, November 27, 2020

Tom Patterson, US National Park Service (retired)

Resolution (meters)


Size (height samples)

7,200 x 6,800



Zone 5

Data Source

U.S. Geological Survey. Based on a July 2019 airborne Lidar survey conducted Quantum Spatial.

Data processing

Technical report by Quantum Spatial available here. The downloaded USGS DEM, which was not resampled or reprojected, was opened and cropped in Natural Scene Designer Pro. It was then saved in Esri ASCII GRID format. We used QGIS to convert the ASCII GRID to a GeoTIFF.

Data issues

Kīlauea is a continually changing landscape. Shortly after the July 2019 Lidar survey, water filled the bottom of Halema‘uma‘u pit crater forming a 2.5-hectare lake with a depth of approximately 40 meters. Molton lava then vaporized the water during an eruption on Dec. 21, 2020, creating an even deeper lava lake.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International