Natural Earth Projection – Articles
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Flex Projector—Interactive Software for Designing World Map Projections (2.0 MB)

An article about Flex Projector software and the design of the Natural Earth projection. Published in Cartographic Perspectives, No. 59, Winter 2008.

Graphical design of world map projections

A discussion of the background mathematics for a software-based method that enables cartographers to easily design new small-scale world map projections. Jenny, B., Patterson, T. and Hurni, L. (2010). International Journal of Geographic Information Science, 24-11, p. 1687–1702.

A Polynomial Equation for the Natural Earth Projection

This article discusses the polynomial expression for the Natural Earth projection, and the Newton-Raphson root finding algorithm that describes the inverse. To be published in Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS), October 2011.