About the mosaic

This overview of the Big Island is a composite of 10 satellite images without seams. Although four 185-kilometer-wide Landsat images are enough to cover the entire island, the additional images were needed to avoid persistent clouds on the windward (east) side. The mosaicked images were taken over several years, including a February 2019 image showing the destructive 2018 lava flows in Puna District. The final image resolution is 15 meters.

To learn how the mosaic was made, refer to this blog post and this tutorial.


Big Island of Hawai‘i Landsat Mosaic

Tom Patterson

Natural color geotiff (120 MB)

Pixel size: 9,882 W x 11,062 H

Projection: UTM Zone 4N, NAD83

Prisma filtered jpeg (3.5 MB)

Pixel size: 4,672 W x 5,320 H

Not georeferenced

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